A STUDY has revealed the top staycation destinations where holidaymakers are spending the most cash… and some of them are located right here in Essex.  

Gambling.com’s meticulous statisticians have compiled a list of the country’s spending hotspots following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Although normality is beginning to return, the ongoing uncertainty surrounding travelling abroad is seeing many people choosing to instead holiday closer to home.

The knock-on impact off this, of course, is a welcome boom to the UK economy, and the retail and recreation sectors are already beginning to feel the benefits.

But which locations across the country are proving to be the most popular when it comes to convincing Brits to part with their hard earned cash?


Given the time of year, it may perhaps come as no surprise to see coastal areas topping the list, especially after the slightly quieter summer they had last year.

Tendring, for example, which boasts go-to holiday resorts such as a Clacton and Walton, has actually been ranked as the best performing location in the country.

People are currently spending 13 per cent more in the likes of restaurants, cafés, and shopping centres, compared to last year.

Astonishingly, the coastal district is enjoying a 139 per cent burst of income at holiday parks in the area, which are bustling.

Elsewhere, Maldon has also seen a three per cent increase in retail spend and a 40 per increase in people spending in parks, holiday parks and public gardens.

Colchester, however, has experienced a seven per cent decrease in the number of people forking out on retail, but a 57 per cent increase at holiday parks.


Braintree has recorded a fight per cent drop off in the retail department but an impressive 57 per cent jump in spending at parks.

Basildon, however, has seen an eight per cent decrease in retail spend and a 10 per cent decreased in holiday park spend.

Castle Point, on the other hand, has not increased or decreased in any of the categories singled out by the study.

Elsewhere on the list, Epping Forest, Rochford, Harlow, and Uttlesford also feature.