POP-UP vaccination centres will be put up outside council offices as health bosses plead with people to carry on testing and getting the jab.

Residents will be able to collect LFD testing kits and get the Covid jab at the Civic Centre in a desperate attempt to encourage people to stop the spread of infection.

The move comes as hospital admission rates for Covid in Southend have risen to 37, with figures revealing two people have died from the virus in the last week.

Southend’s director for public health, Krishna Ramkhelawon is urging people to continue getting vaccinated so people won’t become as ill if they contract the virus.

Health bosses are feeling slightly more positive as case rates in Southend have dropped to 492 per 100,000 from 603.

However, Mr Ramkhelawon has warned the numbers aren’t a true reflection of Southend’s Covid status as he fears many people have stopped testing.

He said: “People aren’t getting tested because they want to go on holiday and they don’t want to get pinged.

“It’s an untrue picture. We’re seeing rates go down but they will go back up.

“Our message will continue to be that people need to follow guidance.

“If people aren’t getting tested there’s a risk that rates are going to be so high we could end up in a place we don’t want to be.”

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Thousands of people in Southend were contacted by the NHS app, telling them to self-isolate after coming into close contact with someone with the virus.

Figures show 2,572 people in Southend were pinged by the app in the week to July 21.

Deputy leader of the council, Ron Woodley, said: “Just get the jab, don’t be frightened of it.

“It will protect you as well as your family, friends and neighbours.

“We need to protect ourselves.

“I don’t know why people aren’t testing.

“It’s important that we stop the spread of infection.

“Without testing and the vaccine, we wouldn’t be in the position we are in now as a country so get tested and get the jab.”