A BOY who was told he may never walk again has regained “slight movement in his big toe” as donations to his family top £23,000.

Jude Hargrave, 15, from Southend received the devastating news earlier this month after he lost all feeling and movement in both legs and hands.

The teenager was taken to hospital and had an MRI scan which revealed he had transverse myelitis - an inflammation of the spinal cord.

Initially, doctors were hopeful that Jude would make a recovery, but he was later told he may never walk again.

Donations on a fundraising page for Jude to help buy a wheelchair and home adaptations have now exceeded £23,000, with his mum, Hannah, revealing he has regained slight movement in his big toe.

Hannah, 45, fears there is a long way to go but admitted “it is something”.

Jude is currently staying at the spinal chord injury centre at the Royal National Orthopaedic Centre in London for treatment Hannah said: “We don’t know how long he’s going to be here.

“He’s going to be here for at least four to six weeks.

“Jude’s still very positive, but he’s finding it harder as time goes on being away from friends and family.

“He’s still trying really hard and he’s got slight movement in his big toe on his left foot so that’s something.

“We have a meeting with doctors on Tuesday, so we should know more then.

“It has been really tough on my other children and I’m finding it hard, but I wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

The fundraising initially aimed to raise £20,000 for Jude.

Hannah added: “It’s fantastic the support we’ve had.

“People were asking my sister if she could increase the fundraising target because more people wanted to give.

“We are very, very grateful for everyone’s support. People have supported us financially and they’ve also messaged us privately.

“We’re very grateful.”

Visit gofundme.com/f/fcb9sj-judes-journey.