CALLS have been made for a prankster who was left tied to traffic lights in nothing but suspenders, a thong, socks and sandals to turn on Basildon's Christmas lights.

Jack Wilkins met his fate during a stag-do forfeit, with a failed nipple piercing attempt seeing him carried across the road and taped to the traffic lights outside the town's iconic Beehive Pub.

Passersby waved, cars slowed down and beeped their horns while residents even hung out their windows to get a glimpse of Mr Wilkins in his rather-revealing outfit.

Friend Aaron Shinnick, who is also set to be an usher at Mr Wilkins wedding, says plans are even in the pipeline to tie him to the alter.


The 36-year-old from Benfleet, explained: "We started off in the Beehive, but there was a pitcher with things like Jack Daniels, Amaretto, coke, and more which he didn't want to drink.

"His forfeit was to get his nipple pierced at the piercing shop at Basildon market, but they were too busy.

"So the best man had the idea of taping him to the post outside the pub. He must've been standing there about 45 minutes."

With Thursday's prank bringing joy to so many, a petition has now been set up pushing for Basildon's “socks and sandals boy” to turn on the borough's Christmas lights.


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Mr Wilkins, who lived in Basildon for 25 years before moving to Gravesend, said: "I can't believe it, it was just a little prank and now it seems I'm on the way to fame.

"But I think you've just got to embrace it and have fun, in all honesty I was expecting them to do worse.

"I was standing there while everyone was shouting hello and bibbing at me, people really saw the funny side of it which was great.

"Even the police did, but the cars were slowing down to see me and so they cut me out so it didn't cause an accident.

"I had a great laugh and I'm well up for doing it again if they wanted to get me up there in socks and suspenders to turn on the Christmas lights."


Partner Stacey Gardiner says the prank was the "funniest thing" she's seen in a long time.

The couple, who have been together seven-and-a-half years, will tie the knot on August 25.

Stacey, 31, said: "The boys were texting me while it was happening, it was absolutely hilarious.

"We'd love if he could turn the Christmas lights on, providing it's in his outfit of course. I think it would make our wedding."