A FLORIST’S dazzling display of more than 5,000 flowers has helped an up-and-coming artist receive a nomination for a prestigious award.

Courts of Rayleigh is getting international attention after designing the colourful backdrop for Filipino-British artist Beabadoobee’s live stream across the world for her “Fake it with Flowers” album.

The florist, based in Eastwood Road, Rayleigh, became involved in the production when the director and nephew of owner Gillian Fautley contacted them to be a part of it.

Beabadoobee, a 21-year-old musician streamed the performance in October last year, and now it has been nominated for Best Streamed Performance and Video at the Ami Music Awards, to the delight of everyone involved.

Ms Fautley said: “We have done some big floral creations before but never a floral installation and nothing like this either in terms of scale or reach.”

Speaking of her delight at the company’s involvement in the exciting project, Ms Fautley added: “The idea of having our work being streamed world-wide was so exciting but also incredibly daunting.


“It was only afterwards that I considered whether we would even have enough staff, funds and time as it would be a tight turn around and the shop had to remain open and trading throughout.

“I think I could have been forgiven for panicking at this point, as it gave us a time frame of only two weeks to get everything ordered and ready.

“But we florists are steely determined types, used to stressful situations so of course I simply got on with it.

“We had to be incredibly focused and organised as once it was booked everything moved very quickly.”

She added: “We did not have the luxury of any site visits with all the restrictions that were in place, so we relied heavily on drawings along with phone calls, Zoom meetings and lots and lots of planning.”

In total, the florist used 5,000 flowers plus additional green foliage for the ambitious 27 square metre set up.

Once done, the flowers were returned to the florist in Rayleigh to display in the shop window.

Ms Fautley added: “The whole experience was amazing and exhausting but also exhilarating and one that we absolutely loved being involved in.

“I would definitely like the opportunity to do more floral installations and larger events in the future.

“My team likes to think that our flowers really helped Beabadoobee to success as her Fake it Flowers Album featured in the top 10 for over ten weeks and reached top 20 in more than 27 countries.”

The AIM (Annual Indonesian Music Awards) will be held on August 25.