Two south Essex students are off to Oxford after excelling in their A Levels. 

Nyat Aron-Yohannes and Ade Olugboji, both study at Newham’s Brampton Manor Academy.

In total 55 pupils at the school got the A-level grades needed for them to study at Oxbridge - more than the offers made to Eton College students. 

The majority of pupils at the academy are from ethnic minority backgrounds, in receipt of free school meals (FSMs) or will be the first in their family to attend university.

After a bout of excited screaming, hugs and hyperventilating, Nyat Aron-Yohannes said there was “black excellence in this building” after hearing about how many of her classmates are now heading to Oxford or Cambridge.

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The 18-year-old of Purfleet, who got three A*s and is going to Oxford to study philosophy, politics and economics, said “the struggle was real”.

She added: “We woke up early to come into school and sometimes it did not even seem like it was worth it at those times when the grades were not matching up to your work ethic.

“Then lockdown happened and you had to persevere on your own because you did not have your classmates or teachers physically nearby to push you.

“You had to find strength somewhere else.

“I am just grateful it paid off, we were walking in faith.”

She said she was happy for her relatives, particularly her father Abraham, adding: “I am the first in my family to go to Oxford.

“My father told me this could be possible.

“His words were of motivation.”

Ade Olugboji, 18, of Purfleet, got four A*s and is going to study maths and philosophy at Oxford.

He said: “Brampton has a philosophy of hard work.

“I started at 6am and left at 6pm.

“I knew there was going to be work but I did not understand the level until I got here.

“The thing is once I saw everyone else working so hard and so well, it did not seem that it (success) was impossible.”