Sixth formers from Greensward Academy are today celebrating their Key Stage 5 results, having faced months away from school as a result of national lockdowns and Covid restrictions.

Pupils at the Hockley sixth form performed admirably, with many getting the top grades needed to pursue their burgeoning academic careers.

Oliver Maynard achieved four A*s in Economics, Maths, Further Maths, and Chemistry; he will go on to study Mathematics at St Andrews University

Oliver said: “I was so pleased to open my results this morning to see that, despite everything, I had got the grades that I needed to secure my place at St Andrews university. It hasn’t been the easiest of A level careers but the outcome is perhaps even better than I dared to hope!”

“The past two years have most certainly had their ups and downs, but this morning was most definitely one of the ups,” said Tristan Ogunfuwa who achieved A*s in Economics and Statistics and an A in Business.

He added: “Working at home had its challenges, and I missed coming in to see my friends and teachers but I still managed to get the grades I needed for Economics at Sheffield. This morning has given a sense of closure to the last couple of years, and I am really looking forward to starting Uni!”

Evie McMillan, who is head to the University of Warwick to study Psychology was delighted with her three A*s in English Lit, Sociology and Psychology.

She said: “On receiving my results this morning, I was over the moon with what I have achieved; I got the results I needed to get into university gaining 3 A* grades. I am so thankful for the support I have been given over the last two years from my teachers which has helped me cope with the most difficult year in learning at home and preparing for assessments during the pandemic.”

Katie Scarnell, principal of Greensward Academy, said: “Congratulations to all of our students on their fantastic results. They should be rightly proud of these grades, which they have worked so very hard for. Our students have responded to the challenges of the past few months, with determination, compassion and patience. Whether they are going onto university, high-quality vocational courses, or employment, I am confident that they will continue to make us proud.”