TWO teenage girls say they have been left badly hurt and shaken after they were punched by a man in an “unprovoked attack” outside a Basildon nightclub.

Jade Wright and Kala Allond, both 19, were left battered and bruised after they were targeted by a “man in his 30s”.

The friends, who had left Unit 7 at Festival Leisure Park at around 4am on Sunday morning, were “screaming in pain” after being punched and falling to the curb.

Jade, from Limehouse in East London, was visiting Kala, who lives in Basildon, for a night out, which was her first at Unit 7.


Jade said: “I’m in a lot of pain, my head is pounding and I keep feeling really dizzy.

“My mum found three lumps on my head, my cheeks are swollen, and my arms and legs are cut, from where I was punched and fell into the curb.

“He’d punched Kala and pushed me before that.

“He had tried coming onto us outside, and we told him to leave us alone.

“We had to sit with a group of girls to stay away.

“We’d got up to wait for a taxi when he came back over.”

No arrests have been made but a police investigation has now been launched.

Bouncers from Unit 7 “sprinted” to the incident outside the club, with a medic on hand to provide first aid.

Jade added: “We never expected anything like this to happen.

“He was shouting at us, screaming in our faces.

“I was really worried at that point if he had a weapon.

“I was so upset, and I get really emotional thinking about it.

“Kala was screaming in pain and crying on the floor.

“I tried to go out on Sunday but I just couldn’t move.

“Everything suddenly got really loud and I fainted in my mum’s arms.”

Senior Basildon councillors branded the attack as “totally unacceptable.”

A spokesman from Essex Police, said: “We were called to reports of a disturbance in Basildon around 4.50am on Sunday.

“It was reported that a man and two women had been involved in an altercation outside of Unit 7.

“No arrests have been made and enquiries continue.”