A TALENTED Marilyn Monroe look-a-like is set to share the spotlight with world-renowned comedian Bill Bailey as the pair perform side-by-side in an exciting cabaret production.

Isabella Bliss, from Pitsea, has already performed alongside the likes of Basildon’s Denise Van Outen, Duncan James from Blue and panto legend Julian Clary.

And to add to her already star-studded list, Mr Bailey will be taking to the stage at Proud Embankment for a six-week extravaganza, which will see the pair bounce off each other in a take of Monroe’s infamous “Happy Birthday Mr President”.

Delighted, Ms Bliss has already learnt a trick or two from the talented Strictly Come Dancing winner, who had his first show at the venue on Wednesday night.

The 34-year-old, said: “It’s been really awesome to meet him and work alongside him, he’s equally as funny in person as he is on stage.

“He really is a joy to be with. Bill will be doing a lot of stand up comedy, which will be musical, and he writes his own songs.

“He’s actually playing nine different instruments in the show, you can see how talented he is.

“I do a bit of comedy in my Marilyn act, and so it’s amazing to work with a professional who can teach me more about the art.

“We’ve actually got a piece together where I’m doing Marilyn and he has a comedy sketch, he’s written the iconic Happy Birthday in a melodramatic key.

“It’s very dramatic and rehearsals have been really intense.

“There is such a big show built around him, we’ve been rehearsing everyday for about a week now and a month for the run up to the show.”

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If that wasn’t enough to keep the Monroe lookalike busy, she will also be taking on a “never before seen” burlesque act - hand in hand with battle combat, fire and even archery on stage.

She continued: “I wanted to show people I can do more than just my usual Hollywood glam, so I’ve created a Viking shield maiden act which has taken about two and a half months to build.

“This was my opportunity to break out of that and show my skills as an artist.

“It represents the battles I have been through in the last year and my courage to rise above them, as well as representing female empowerment and the strength of women who often go through things alone.

“This is with the pandemic, where I’d worked at my career so long and had it pulled out from underneath me, but personally too.

“I also went through a really difficult relationship break up.

“We even had a combat choreographer who taught us to use axes and shields on stage, it’s been crazy and absolutely unlike anything I’ve ever done before.”