A protest against some of the rules being introduced for the Covid vaccine is reportedly set to be held in Southend tomorrow. 

The event is understood to form part of the worldwide 'Rally for Freedom' movement, which has already staged numerous protests in cities and towns in England. 

Tomorrow's event is due to be held at Warrior Square from 1pm and is described as a 'family-friendly' event. 

Those attending will be protesting against the introduction of Covid vaccine passports and vaccinating children.

People are asked to be 'respectful' and keep any signs they bring with them relevant to the topic.

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Vaccine passports, or passes, are being used to show proof of someone's vaccine status.

Entry to nightclubs will soon become dependent on a person's vaccine status and ministers are mulling over plans to introduce the scheme at mass events and gatherings such as football matches.

Only people aged 16 or over will be offered a Covid jab, although some experts are calling for the age limit to be lowered to 12. 

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation is yet to make a decision on whether younger secondary school pupils should also be offered a first jab.