Security has been put in place to protect a piece of artwork which could be by Banksy. 

The spray painting appeared on the pill box by the Stone Pier next to Harwich’s Beacon Hill Fort with an expert convinced it is the genuine article.

The street art depicts a young boy in Victorian-era clothing with a face mask on the end of a fishing line.

Crowds gathered to get an exclusive snap alongside the potentially significant artwork while security was put in place to protect it.

Tendring Council leader Neil Stock has welcomed the artwork by the anonymous artist.

He said: “Banksy is one of the world’s greatest living artists.

“His works are provocative, thought-provoking and controversial, but also clever, witty and incredibly creative.

“We are hugely delighted that it appears he has chosen to come to Harwich and leave us with a reminder of his visit.

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“We immediately put security in place and are taking further steps to protect this artwork as we await confirmation that it is indeed the latest piece of the artist’s ‘Spraycation’ in East Anglia.

“We’ve had an expert check it out who says if it’s not a Banksy then it’s an incredibly similar one, it has all the hallmarks of his work.

“We can’t say absolutely but we know he has been on the east coast and I’ve been hoping he was going to pay us a visit.”

It comes after ten new artworks by the artist recently popped up across coastal towns in witty interpretations of summertime fun.

A short film posted to Instagram shows the anonymous artist driving around Norfolk and Suffolk as he paints his signature stenciled murals while hiding in plain sight.

And if the enigmatic artist admits responsibility for the latest street art in Harwich, then it won’t be the first time he has left his mark in Tendring.

In 2014, Banksy painted a mural on a beach patrol boathouse on Clacton’s West Beach during the town’s high-profile by-election.