WITH kids set to go back to school soon, we take a look back at photos from the past.

There’s something about an old school photo, whether it’s one of your own, or a look back at past generations, that brings back memories and feelings of nostalgia.

Here’s a selection of old images of Rayleigh Schools including Mrs Street alongside pupils, elbow to elbow, at Glebe School in 1967.

Santa paid a visit to see the kids at Fitzwimarc Secondary School’s Christmas Party in 1951.

There were fabulous ghoulish costumes to be seen for the Sweyne School’s Dracula Play staged in 1992.

Then it is over to Grove Junior School where they had a visit to Colne Valley railway 1990.

The kids looked like they had a great time at the railway dressed in their period costumes for the special occasion.

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The photo of Edward Francis relates to the fact a primary school in Rayleigh was named after him.

Further information on the history of all Rayleigh schools can be found by visiting the Rayleigh Town Museum.

If you spot yourself, or anyone you know in these photos, please let us know by emailing louise.howeson@newsquest.co.uk.

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