ART lovers have been flocking to get a glimpse of what is believed to be the work of world-renowned artist Banksy.

Scores of visitors have been to the pill box by the Stone Pier next to Harwich’s Beacon Hill Fort to decide whether they think the painting is the real deal including CJ, the Octopus Ahoy! sculpture trail mascot.

Harwich already boasts its tribute to the enigmatic artist Banksy, with the Octopus Ahoy! trail having a sculpture named Take me to the Banksy outside The Pier, in The Quay.

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Katie Skingle, from KAT Marketing, which is helping to organise the trail, said: “We DM’d Banksy on Instagram to say we had seen his work along the east coast, and told him about our sculpture and Harwich’s part of the project.

“We obviously have no idea if this is what made him venture to the coast and paint here but we are certainly ecstatic if he has.”