FAMILIES are waging war over imminent plans to build a huge 5G phone mast just 20 metres from nearby homes.

The 60ft mast, which has been planned for green space on Alderney Avenue, Wickford, has left residents on the housing estate furious.

Neighbours believe the mast will intrude on day-to-day life, and will “directly outside living room windows”, Engineers from CK Hutchison Networks were spotted at the site, spray-painting the outlines for where the mast will be built.

It comes after residents on Priory Avenue, Southend, launched a petition to oppose plans to build a 5G mast on the road, also proposed by CK Hutchison Networks.


Michelle Nairne, 41, of Alderney Avenue, said: “It’s a disgrace and will be awful for us.

“I’m worried of the impact it will have, will it devalue my house?

“It’s just unfair. It will be so intrusive on the homes along here.

“There are other areas it could have been built around here, where it isn’t so close to homes.

“It’s a huge estate, but the fact that it’s so large means it won’t just be for the estate, the whole of Wickford will be using it.

“It’s a really nice community here, we don’t want it putting people off living here, which I fear it may well do.”

Residents were given a period of 21 days, from July 14, to oppose the plans.

The plans would see a new 18 metre high mast built, alongside a number of concrete blocks.

The mast would be built in between two “long-standing” trees on the green space.

Clair Pattle, 46, also of Alderney Avenue, added: “I’ve got a 13-year-old autistic, he really enjoys using the green area to play out the front.

“It’s going to be right on my doorstep.

“We understand that communications need to improve, but put the mast where it doesn’t disturb so many people.

“They could put it anywhere.

“It’s going to be huge.

“I really hope the trees are going to stay.”

The mast would be more than double the height of the trees.

CK Hutchinson Networks was contacted for comment.