Dozens of drivers were reported for speeding on a single road in Benfleet in just one day.

The Safer Essex Roads team set up in London Road on Thursday morning to monitor driver's speeds.

They used speed monitoring equipment called TruCam to track car's speeds.

Despite most people obeying the speed limit, the team reported 67 drivers for speeding.

The highest speed recorded on the 30mph road was 49mph.

The Safer Essex Roads group is a partnership made up of councils in Essex, police, fire and the ambulance service which aims to reduce deaths and serious injury on the county's roads.

Anyone caught speeding could face a minimum fine of £100 and three points on their licence.

First-time offenders may be asked to attend a speeding awareness course.

Anyone who accumulates more than 12 points on their licence in a three-year period could lose their licence.

The work in Benfleet comes as police in Southend have also been cracking down on speeding.

Officers from the community policing team caught seven motorists breaking the speed limit in Thorpe Hall Avenue on Monday.

They had carried out speed checks amid reports about a rise in incidents in the area.