DRUG-USERS threatened a boot camp boss with a bottle after creating a “drugs den” and dumping beer cans, needles and condoms.

Up to 30 teenagers have been seen gathered in bushes near to Leigh Station and Belton Hills Nature Reserve, with tables and chairs set up.

Angus Browne, owner of Brownes Boot Camp, has been collecting rubbish from the trouble hotspot daily but it is now impacting his business.

Some of his clients have been scared by the noise and disruption, with Mr Browne claiming he was also threatened.

It is believed those involved are only 15 or 16-years-old.

Mr Browne, said: “I first found the drug den around two or three weeks ago when I was down there training.

“I’d heard a lot of noise coming from the bushes, but I thought it could’ve been the skatepark.

“The next day I came along and the same thing happened, and it was only when a few clients said to me about it as well that I walked in there. I was completely gobsmacked.

“I found needles, beer cans, condoms, barbecues, tables, there must’ve been about 20-30 youngsters in there.

“It’s become their congregating place and lots of them sit on the field where I train.”

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With the trouble now “constant”, Mr Browne is calling for urgent action to help tackle the problem on the field which he is licensed to use for his business.

The 32-year-old from Leigh, continued: “They all leave their litter and I’m having to clear it up every day. I’ve even been threatened with a bottle - this happened about two weeks ago at midday, on a Saturday.

“It’s just awful and has only happened since lockdown, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

“It’s just causing havoc, and seems to be different youngsters every time.”

The "drug den" has been set up behind bushes in the field of Belton Way West.

Martin Terry, councilor for public protection, said: “We are aware of alleged drug use taking place on a site located near Belton Way.

“The council’s community safety officers and Essex Police have been targeting the area with high visibility patrols and will continue to engage with anyone using the site to provide appropriate assistance where necessary. The site is also being patrolled at weekends and officers will be clearing the site as soon as possible.

“Anyone with concerns should contact Essex Police in the first instance on 101.”