AN “UNSAFE” and “dangerous” footbridge must be torn down and replaced with an alternative that is fit fur purpose, campaigners say.

The footbridge, between the Wick and Wickford town centre, has been branded unsafe due to the “wobbly and slippery” surface.

Councillors and residents have now launched a bid to see the bridge torn down, and replaced with a wider footbridge.

This comes just months after repairs on the bridge were slammed by residents, and then re-done by County Hall.


Eunice Brockman, independent councillor of the Wickford North ward, said: “We’re jumping up and down demanding something be done.

“Just propping up the bridge with repairs is not an acceptable answer.

“It’s in a state of disrepair.

“It’s a disgrace.

“It’s not disabled friendly or compliant, and it gets really slippery in the winter.

“How can millions be spent on a new bridge over the River Chelmer when we also need the investment?

“Despite many approaches to county council to get this bridge not only repaired but replaced we were met with much opposition to it and was told that if anything were to be done it would be merely repairs and not replace the whole thing to make it safe for everyone.”

The “botched repairs” last month were carried out to fix crumbling concrete on the footbridge.

A plate of metal, topped with felt, was used to cover up the broken bridge at three sections.

Essex County Council was forced to apologise and repaired the bridge for a second time.

Michelle Tuddenham, 40, who lives near the Wick, added: “It’s not fit for purpose.

“It’s not wide enough for two people to get across, and it’s wobbly.

“It’s not safe for anyone and it feels unsafe every time you use it.

“Parents with buggies use it all the time, and there’s part of it that’s a trip hazard.

“I would a new bridge to be built, but it needs to be a lot wider and properly maintained.”

Essex County Council stated it was aware of concerns and “exploring available options”.