SOUTHEND Council raised concerns the application to build homes in Fossetts way could lead to some residents suffering noise nuisance from nearby firms.

Nighttime deliveries to neighbouring B&Q could cause disruption, but it could be made worse if the planned new Southend United football stadium goes ahead.

A noise impact assessment identified 84 properties to the west and south boundaries that could potentially be affected.

Homeowners would then have to keep their windows closed to escape the noise but could potentially swelter in the summer, with trickle vents their only means of ventilation.

A report to councillors said a noise impact assessment by the company relied on windows being open in the daytime at certain times in the year for an unspecified time.

The report added: “The protection of future occupants in bedrooms from noise coming from the B&Q delivery site relies on windows being closed while in certain predicted conditions thermal comfort in turn relies on the windows being open during the day which may compromise internal noise levels.”

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Raising noise as an objection to the application, Southend Council said residents living at an Estuary Housing development at Cole House in Kenway, Southend had suffered similar problems.

Southend Council Environmental Health said potentially noisy and hot conditions presented “a risk to public health”.

The company said alternative measures such as air conditioning could not be provided or fitted after construction.

The company also said it would build fencing along the affected borders to mitigate some of the noise.

A report to the council said: “The applicant’s view is that with the proposed noise mitigation measures and thermal comfort strategy, the impact on the living conditions of future occupiers would be limited and would relate to a defined number of properties for only a small part of the year.”

Southend Council’s development control committee will decide on the scheme on Wednesday.