A jury has found two brothers not guilty of abusing a taxi driver and smashing up his vehicle.

Callum Murphy, 25, along with his brother Craig, 31, both of Selbourne Road, Hockley, stood trial at Basildon Crown Court after allegedly committing affray by yelling abuse at a taxi driver, threatening him with a hammer and then smashing up his taxi in a row over a fare being paid upfront.

But the jury found them not guilty and the pair were acquitted.

The jury had previously heard from Murphy that he said he only had £10 on him at the time, and that he had asked the driver to drop them at a cash point.



The court was also told that during the alleged incident Craig Murphy, in the passenger seat, allegedly produced a hammer and grabbed the taxi driver.

The court previously heard that the the pair, and Jordan Dean, 32, of Laburnam Walk, Hornchurch, had been drunk and entered the taxi, before getting angry when the driver asked for the £20 fare up front.

The alleged incident took place at around 10.15pm on October 24, 2018, and Gabrielle McAvock, prosecuting, told the court the trio were not arrested until 10.45pm.