A COUPLE’S car was blocked inside their garage as piles of rubbish was dumped outside, amid chaos over missed bin collections.

Pink sacks and household waste were moved in front of a set of garages off Paprills in Basildon.

The family claim “waste crews moved it five feet” from where the rubbish was first left out.

The husband and wife say they had left the rubbish next to the garages, where it’s usually “responsibly” put out for collection.

It’s unclear why the rubbish was moved in front of the garages.


This comes after a week of mayhem across the town, with pink sacks not collected for seven days. However, services have finally resumed.

The Echo revealed how there has been a “breakdown in relationship” between Basildon Council and waste crews.

Extra staff have now been “drafted in”, with some workers trained to become lorry drivers.

The furious resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I know they have issues and it’s a hard job, but this is not the first time this has happened. They’ve literally moved it five feet from a safe place.

“My wife shouldn’t have to go out and move rubbish bags around just so she can get to work, when we have already responsibly put them out.

“Neither me or my neighbour can get our cars out.”

A flytipping hotspot on the corner of Thorrington Cross and Long Riding has also been left strewn with pink sacks and household furniture. The grassland, outside people’s homes has seen “weekly” flytips in recent months.

Tory councillor Davida Ademuyiwa, of the St Martin’s ward, said: “The top of Thorrington Cross, where it meets with Long Riding has fast become a continuous eyesore and dumping ground for flytippers.

“I’m in the process of getting the rubbish collected.

“I’m liaising with officers to get a strategy in place for sorting this issue out permanently.

“Arrangements are being made for rubbish left around the area to be collected on normal collection day.

“It’s getting really frustrating.

“We’re fed up of it.”

Basildon Council was contacted for comment.