Shocking anti-vaccine graffiti was plastered across roadsigns pointing motorists in the direction of a vaccine site.

The graffiti, which read "experimental" above the sign for the Covid vaccine site on Kiln Road, Thundersley, appeared over the weekend.

Castle Point Council leader Andrew Sheldon helped scrub off the message yesterday.

Echo: The sign last nightThe sign last night

The sign, on Rayleigh Road, has been in place since the vaccine centre launched at the coucnil offices in March.

This comes after a section of a protest in Southend stormed the vaccine site at the Civic Centre last month.


Mr Sheldon said: "To the person who did it, I advise you to speak to anyone who is, or has ever been, in the medical profession and then go get yourself jabbed.”

Echo: Leader Andrew SheldonLeader Andrew Sheldon