A crowd of aircraft ehtusiasts were treated to the spectacular sight of a famous RAF bomber being taken on high speed taxi runs in Southend

The XL426 Avro Vulcan was taken along the runway at Southend Airport over the weekend as part of an event run by the Vulcan Restoration Trust. 

The aircaft carried out two high speed taxi runs, with the break parachute also brought out to wow those watching.

People from across the country had travelled to the airport to watch the event and hear the infamous howl from the jet. 

Kevin Buck, Conservative councillor for Prittlewell ward, was among the watching crowd. 

He said: "A real treat to attend the Vulcan Restoration Trust taxi run at Southend airport this weekend.

"The Avro Vulcan XL426 has had its home at Southend airport for many years now and is very well looked after by a great team of dedicated people.

"The Avro Vulcan has a very special connection for me personally, as we were weened on them and many other aircraft as children.

"My father was in the airforce for 35 years starting 1938 and during the his latter days of his flying career, was on the Vulcan bomber command.

Echo: Councillor Buck captured this photo of the Vulcan during the eventCouncillor Buck captured this photo of the Vulcan during the event

"In fact, he flew the famous Vulcan XH558 many times during her active service.

"This was the last ever flying Vulcan and is now sadly retired from the air since 2015".

None of the remaining Avro Vulcans are able to take to the skies but a few others have also been lovingly restored.

The restoration trust, which is based at Southend Airport, will be hosting a vist the vulcan day later this month. 

For more information, visit avrovulcan.com/events.