TORY councillors have launched a last ditch effort to stop three tower blocks being built in Basildon town centre, writing damning letters to the planning inspectorate.

The plans would see 492 homes built in three tower blocks, up to 17 storeys high, built on Market Square.

However, senior councillors fear the tower blocks could create a “slum” in the town centre.

Plans were rejected by the council during the summer, but developer Orwell Basildon launched an appeal.


Now, Tory Councillors Andrew Schrader and David Ademuyiwa have penned separate letters urging the planning inspectorate to reject the proposal.

Ms Ademuyiwa, of the St Martin’s ward, said: “The buildings are too high, too densely populated and too overbearing for the area that it’s been designated for.

“This as the potential to turn our town centre into a slum.

“This will be taking steps back into the past rather than looking to the future.

“This will only put Basildon back in the dumps.

“The plans for such high rise buildings are completely out of line with our ambitions for Basildon.”

The development would see three tower blocks built between a minimum of nine storeys and a maximum of 17.

Mr Schrader, chairman of the planning committee, added: “The development, by reason of its excessive height and mass, failed to consider, its impact on the town centre.

“Members also had concerns around the poor designs of the apartments, the lack of light, and impact of noise upon future occupants.

“There was a strong feeling the internal agreements, with unwelcoming, overlong long corridors, a residential entrance that lacked presence and legibility, and unequal access to private amenity space.”

Basildon Tory leader Andrew Baggott has previously written to Government bosses, urging them to lower the town’s housebuilding target 19,771 to around 15,000 homes by 2034.

The Tories have repeatedly promised not to build on green belt land, but also refused to sign off on previous plans to build high rise developments in the town centre.