A SNAKE bit an adorable pet dog in a popular dog walking spot - prompting an urgent warning to owners.

Cocker Spaniel Marley, whose just turned one, was bitten on his nose by an adder in a field near Willows Park, inside Langdon Hills Country Park.

He had gone into some bushes “on an adventure” with his owner spotting the snake slithering away after he whelped in pain.

Marley was kept at the vets throughout yesterday and is set to be released tomorrow after the incident on Monday afternoon.


Owners Holly and Martin are now warning dog owners to keep their pets close in the park.

Mr Morgan-Jones, 34, who lives near Basildon Hospital, said: “It gets quite scary when they start talking about antivenom and what not.

“He had just yelped when he was sniffing some bushes, and came running back to Holly.

She walked over to where he had been and she saw the adder slithering away.

“You wouldn’t think it would be a snake until she saw it there.

“Holly was really distressed when she came back, you could start to see the bite marks starting to appear.

“We managed to get him to the vets within 20 minutes.”

The couple often walk Marley in and around the fields near Basildon Hospital.

Adders give birth to around six to 20 live young in August or September.

The snakes are often more defensive of their territory during the two months.

The snake which bit Marley was around 50cm long, the couple believe.

Adders marking is a distinctive dark zigzagging line down their back.

The snakes are harmless to humans.

Mr Morgan-Jones, added: “I wouldn’t want to tell dog owners to keep their dogs on leads at all times because of the fear of snakes, but just to be more cautious and aware than we were.

“I would say just to become aware of their habitat and where the snakes will be.

“We haven’t had a dog at home because of it, it’s been really weird without him here.

“We’ve felt really helpless while he’s been in the vets.

“They kept him in because of the swelling, which had got worse the next day. I think that’s quite normal though.”