The bakery chain Greggs will be giving away free sausage rolls this week in celebration of students returning to university this week.

With over 2,000 shops nationwide they’ll be plenty of options for anyone looking to get their hands on one.

The chain, which was set up in Newcastle in 1939, has garnered a reputation for quality baked goods, with their sausage rolls often being sought out.

For those interested they’ll need to head over to the National Online Freshers Fair which was launched this week by the student discount app Student Beans.

Students can register on the Student Beans app by using their university email address to verify their account.

From there it is simply to redeem codes to use in thousands of shops and restaurants.

These are available at places like Dominos, River Island and Samsung.

How do I get a free sausage roll from Greggs?

After downloading the Student Beans app and verifying your account you can search for Greggs on the app.

From there you can easily present your Student Beans ID at checkout at any Greggs shop to unlock the freebie.

If you are vegetarian or vegan you can also get the vegan sausage roll using the same method.