A DRIVER was left trapped after her car was hit by a lorry on the M25, spinning the vehicle “out of control” and straight into a barrier.

Lynne Doyle, from Vange, had been travelling on her way to Enfield when her Fiat 500 was hit by a lorry, believed to have been in the wrong lane. 

Sending her car into “an epic spin”, the 71-year-old had no idea what had unfolded as she span almost five times before crashing into a barrier on the hard shoulder.

Grateful to be alive, Lynne fears that had she been on the inside lane she might not have survived Monday’s “terrifying” ordeal.

She said: “I had went through Brentwood and joined the M25 at the Brentwood junction.

“We’d gone a few miles and I was driving carefully and sensibly.

“I still can’t fathom where he came from, I use my mirrors, always know what’s behind me, and never speed. But all of a sudden we were spinning anti-clockwise uncontrollably and hit the crash barrier on the hard shoulder.

“It turned out there was a lorry on the outside lane which had realised he was in the wrong lane and tried to change. I was in the middle lane.

“But I was so confused where I hadn’t hit anything myself and the road was clear in front of me.

“It was just horrific, I cant believe I walked away from that car.”

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Trapped in her car, with her friend in the passenger seat and dog on board, the trio were rescued by a Good Samaritan who pushed the car and pulled the door open.

Narrowly escaping with minor injuries, Lynne - who owns It’s My Party in Wickford - has now issued a word of thanks to everyone for their kind words and support.

She continued: “We were all taken to hospital as my blood pressure was through the roof and my heart was doing strange things.

“I also look like I’ve been slashed with a Stanley knife from the seat belt. Its left a great big cut on my chest.

“My friend obviously had shock and whiplash, and has been left with bad bruising. We were hit so hard the radio shot out of it’s hole and clipped her across the leg.

“The car was completely written off, but I’m just very grateful.”

Anyone with information or who witnessed the crash should contact Essex Police on 101.