Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has opened up on his somewhat embarrassing connection with Southend Pier.

The star, who lives with his wife and children in the Essex village of Finchingfield, made his confession during an episode of comedians Ed Gamble and James Caster’s podcast, Off The Menu.

In it, he revealed he had left his parents red-faced when he revealed he had been conceived on Southend Pier.

The revelation came while he was filming a video for a new recipe in Southend.

Discussing the incident on the podcast, Jamie said: “Sometimes you throw, when you’re in the public eye, you do throw your parents under the bus.

"I sort of said what I was doing and where I was and I said, within our family, like it was known I was conceived either in Capri or at the end of Southend Pier.

"And I said, 'We are here in Southend, in Southend Pier the longest pier in the world and I was actually conceived at the end of that.'"

Jamie revealed that he could tell his theory was correct judging the reaction of his dad’s face and his mum’s denial of “no- no I was not.”

He added: “I remember getting a real b********g from my sister saying 'you just really embarrassed mum'."

If true, it’s another piece of history for the attraction, which is renowned throughout the world for being the world’s longest pleasure pier at 1.3 miles.