OFFICERS carrying out the new 15 minute patrols say it’s about “short, sharp” visits to crime hotspots.

The new scheme sees officers in uniform arrive at the trouble areas in their marked vehicles and park up in a visible place.

They then walk around the hotspot, which measures about 150 metres by 150 metres, for around 15 minutes.

They say the patrols involve speaking to the public and acting as a deterrent against the crimes that had been identified in those specific areas.

Police also say the scheme works by targeting hotspots where criminals feel more secluded and it forces them into open areas.

They say this in turn means the criminals are taking more risks and are more likely to be caught.


Essex Police invited the Echo and Policing Minister Kit Malthouse MP out on patrol yesterday.

They centred around Western Esplanade outside Adventure Island.

There were lots of residents stopping to speak to the officers and tell them how pleased they were to see the police on the beat.

Officers told the Echo their efforts often make criminals think twice about causing problems or committing crimes while police are about.

PC Mike King, from the operation support group, said: “It’s deployment down to Southend at the nominated hotspots around quite small areas.

“The idea is short, sharp patrols at the designated hotspots and it is visible policing in places identified as probably most likely to have violent crime.


“Some times you may not speak to anyone but other times there can be several conversations.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to speak to the community and find out about their concerns and people to have the opportunity to have a chat.

“It’s a nice change and nice to get out and walk.

“In years gone by there’s been things trialled and new ways of policing with no real aim to it.

“Obviously the data shows it does work especially when it’s targeted in the right areas.”