A SHOPPER was left with cuts, bruises, and an injured rib after he tripped and fell on a broken slab of pavement.

Steven Cole was walking on the tarmacked path between the Iceland supermarket car park off Long Road, Canvey, and the Paddocks community centre, when he fell while carrying a bag of shopping in each arm.

The 52-year-old, who lives near Thorney Bay beach, landed on his side, and was left winded and unable to move for more than 10 minutes on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Cole soon realised he hadn’t seen a large “lip” in the uneven pavement, five inches above the tarmac surface.

He’s now issued a warning to users of the path, utilised by elderly residents who regularly shop at Iceland.

Mr Cole said: “I was really winded for a while when I was there.

“Every time I stand up I lose my breath.

“My ribs are bruised and I’ve twisted my ankle too.

“Also, my left knee is swollen and there’s cuts up my left leg.

“It’s really uneven, and it has been for years.

“Usually I would step over the bumps in the pavement but I was watching a dog playing nearby.”

The Paddocks community centre is a popular venue for elderly residents to use.

Mr Cole has called for action to fix the pavement.

He added: “I just don’t want it to happen to anyone else, I know a lot of elderly residents use the paths, with their shopping.

“I was lucky that a kind lady stopped to see if I was alright, but what if someone’s on their own?

“It felt like a quite a big step up when I fell.”

County Hall apologised to Steven for the incident, and urged him to contact Castle Point Council councillors on the matter.

A spokesman from Essex Highways, said: “We hope he makes a speedy recovery.

“This route is not on the Essex Highways public highways map and database, which leads us to believe it may be owned by the local council, Castle Point on this occasion.”

Castle Point Council was contacted for further comment but failed to respond.