FURIOUS residents are rallying against plans for a 50ft “eyesore” 5G mast which could be installed next to their homes.

The mast is planned for the junction of The Fairway and Woodside, Leigh, would also have a “wraparound” cabinet at its base.

Toni Swan, from Leigh, fears the mast would be an “unsightly feature”, also create a blindspot at the “already busy” junction and crossing.

Jack Warren, councillor for Belfairs, says he has been inundated with calls from concerned residents over the idea.

He said: “I started as a councillor in May, and this is already the biggest issue I’ve had residents contact me about.

“Its causing a massive concern among people in the area, and if it goes ahead, will be stuck right next to this beautiful old tree.

“Its going to be a huge blight on the street scene and a big eye sore - I couldn’t have thought of anywhere worse to put it.”

Proposals have been put forward by CK Hutchison Networks on behalf of Three.

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Mr Swan added: “It will go on that piece of grass which at the moment has a lovely tree and bench where families sit and natter. It will just look so out of keeping and a total eyesore.

“Aside from that, I think the whole application is completely underhand. You have to really search to find the information and there are health concerns too.”

Developers have assured they follow guidelines on maintaining vehicle sightlines and insist they’ve shared full details and drawings with the council.

A Three spokesperson said: “We try to keep masts as small and unobtrusive as possible. However, they do need to be situated where people will be using the service and be tall enough to transmit over nearby buildings and trees to meet regulations and to ensure the signal can reach as many people as possible.

“We carry out extensive searches and surveys to evaluate all the options. We then choose the option most likely to gain planning approval from the local council.

“This will include showing we have minimised the impact on residents and the locality.”