Plans for an Islamic centre at a the site of a former historic pub have been given the go ahead.

The South Essex Islamic Trust has been given approval by Basildon Council for plans to convert the former Barge Inn, in High Road, Vange into a “place of worship and a community centre”.

Plans were previously refused and then withdrawn with concerns about parking and noise on the site.

Vange councillor Yetunde Juliet Adeshile said the trust has made "significant changes" to the plans.

She said: "This approval was based on the application demonstrating that sufficient parking arrangements will be provided and the community center will be made available to all members of the community. The center also has the potential to bring investment into Vange.

"The South Essex Islamic Trust has made significant changes to accommodate legal requirements, they have also shown a willingness to positively engage with the community.

"This approval is likely to bring many changes to the area and I hope we will all work with SEIT to make Vange work for everyone."

The charity has been contacted for comment.