A FATHER who drove over his former co-worker, leaving her with serious injuries while being at least three times over the drink drive limit, has been jailed.

Didzis Ozols, 33, of Bardfield, Vange drove at his former colleague after they had sat in his car in a car park off Kent View Road, Vange in January.

The pair both from Latvia worked at Argos in Basildon in late 2019.

During the sentencing at Basildon Crown Court on Friday the court heard after driving over the woman he took a short drive to outside his partner’s house where he fell asleep in the passenger seat.

Police had to break into the car to arrest him.

Prosecuting Andrew Jackson, told the court Ozols had four previous convictions for drink offences including offences of drink driving.

Reading out a victim impact statement, he said: “I am still processing what happened and I thought was going to die and still have sleepless nights.

“I keep getting flashbacks and all I can think about is being under the car.

“I could tell the injuries were serious and was hopeful I would survive it, there was a serious possibility I could lose my leg and there’s still a risk I could be disabled.

“I cannot work and I am concerned he could try be violent again.”

Mitigating, Sasha Bailey told the hearing Ozols is sorry and shows remorse for his actions.

She said: “He is ashamed of his actions and causing these injuries which this woman has to now live with the impact of.

“Drinking is clearly the problem for him and he has now fully realised this. His intention is to stop completely and has not been drinking while in custody. His partner has very little money and is selling personal items to get by.”

Sentencing Ozols, judge Shane Collery said: “When you committed these offences you had been banned from driving and had four convictions for excess drinking. There was evident disregard for the court orders and bans and sentences.

“You would have had to be an idiot not to know driving when this drunk is dangerous.”

Ozols was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, disqualified from driving for 72 months and given a restraining order for five years.