A GOOD Samaritan came to the aid of injured police officers after their unmarked vehicle “spun out of control” in a “major” crash in Southend.

Vince Godwin was just 50ft away when the car spun out of the Queensway underpass and to a stop, before watching two officers climb out of the badly-damaged vehicle.

Although it is unknown what caused the crash, which took place at 9.10pm on Saturday, Vince looked on in horror as the police duo crawled along the grass “completely stunned” and caught their breath.

Running to the rescue, the first-aider could see both officers were injured and bleeding, with the 41-year-old determined to keep them conscious while help was on the way.

Vince, from Southend, said: “I was sitting with my friends on the grass bit right by Queensway, just a bit further up at the time, and could hear the tyres screeching from the underpass. I then saw it crash on my side of the road.

“It spun out to a stop and the officers came climbing out the car, but it had gone across the road and knocked over a 30mph sign. The vehicle ended up facing towards Shoebury.

“As someone who is first aid trained I checked the driver for injuries, but noticed a nasty wound on the back of his head.

“He was bleeding, and I knew straight away he needed urgent attention. I think he was in shock. The other officer had a gash on his face, and was also bleeding.”

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Essex Police confirmed the two officers in the car were taken to hospital, although their injuries were not life changing or life threatening.

Vince added: “We’d heard it coming, and so we got up really quick and ran over. It was complete carnage, there were bits of car everywhere.

“I called an ambulance and was on hold for a while, so I started panicking. But I think it was a busy Saturday night for them.

"While I was on hold with them most of the police force must’ve turned up, within three or four minutes they were coming to their aid.

“I’d checked for injuries and made sure they were staying conscious. The rear end of the vehicle was smashed badly.

“It’s a stark reminder of the risks that police take for us just doing their job, so thank you to the team. It was nice to help them for a change.”