TV personality Dani Dyer has lashed out at internet trolls who brandished her a ‘s*** mum’ for using a babysitter app.

Dani had been promoting the Bubble childcare app when she was bombarded with hateful comments from what she described as the 'mum police'.

The former Love Island winner is currently a single mum to her young son, Santiago, after boyfriend Sammy Kimmence, who is from Rayleigh, was jailed for fraud.

Speaking about the abuse she received for using a babysitter app, Dani told her fans on Instagram: “The amount of hate I got from the mum police, the mum brigade, whatever you want to call them is actually disgusting.

"It was like I was promoting 'get a local murderer around your house to look after your child'.

"Not everyone has a mum or dad around the corner to help support them and I am so lucky to have an amazing support system but I can't always depend on my family and I don't understand why I can't talk about a trustworthy app where people can look after your child.

"So, I feel people need to chill out.

"Calling me a s*** mum and that I make everyone sick comments."

She added: "I have a heart. I have feelings.

"I have been under such more scrutiny and feel people judge me every single day on situations they know nothing about.

"I feel people need to chill out.

"It's just a childcare app. It's very trustworthy. It's all been checked.

"Do you really think I'm going to promote anything that's going to put anyone's child at risk of any danger?

"Honestly, it's just too much sometimes."

Dani was forced to disable comments on one of her Instagram posts due to the number of hurtful remarks left by fellow users.

The post had featured a picture of her out enjoying a drink with a friend.

Dani has previously admitted she has found it hard being a single mum but revealed her family have helped her get through her toughest moments.