Drivers are facing huge and long queues at petrol stations across south Essex after reports of fuel shortages.

Residents claim a number of petrol stations including BP garages in Wickford and Canvey having no fuel.

Images on social media show long queues at the pumps as residents complain about the delays.

Echo: Shut - BP off East Mayne in Basildon Shut - BP off East Mayne in Basildon

One posted: It’s crazy out there people are looking for petrol at the Canvey Sainsbury’s, there queues on the road and the Long Road BP garage on Canvey has no petrol.

"We got lucky at Morrison’s but there queues both ways queues to McDonald’s and from Morrison’s stay safe out there pics of Morrison’s."



No fuel - The BP garage off East Mayne in Basildon 

The petrol station off East Mayne in Basildon is usually busy but has been deserted today with a sign saying "No Fuel" and the pumps all closed off with cones. 

Drivers are also facing long queues at the Tesco store at the Mayflorwer Retail Park in Basildon too with delays back along Christopher Martin Road and Gardiners Lane South, Basildon.