RECKLESS drivers have been caught speeding at over 40mph in 20mph zones.

Essex Police officers were out in Castle Point and Rochford to proactively hunt down dangerous drivers.

Officers from the force’s road policing team set up in Benfleet yesterday (September 27), following reports of excessive speed and anti-social behaviour.

At speed check points in Benfleet Road and London Road, eight vehicles were stopped for speeding.

One vehicle was caught driving at 40 mph in a 20mph residential area.

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: “The drivers were stopped close to schools around the end of the school day or early evening.”

In Rochford, officers have checked the speeds of 200 vehicles over the last week.

Nine drivers were reported for travelling at speeds ranging between 37 and 42 mph in a 30mph zone.

A spokesperson for Essex Police added: “Whilst working towards improving the safety on our roads, speed checks were conducted over the past week, at various sites across our district.

“We are asking our communities to please consider your speed, keep each other safe and reduce this wherever possible.”