WHO remembers going for a Wimpy?

The food was served on a plate and back in the day a cheeseburger cost 21p!

Yes, in the fifties, before McDonald's and Burger King, fast food lovers flocked to Wimpy Bars in Essex for their fill of burgers, fries and shakes.

There was also the odd Hollywood mega star when Brad Pitt was spotted in 2014 treating himself to a bargain £6.35 cheeseburger meal with chips on Tuesday night at a Wimpy in Billericay.


Birthday treat at Wimpy in Essex


Many readers will remember family trips to Wimpy and even celebration meals out there.

Gary Drew has childhood memories of visiting there once a year the Saturday after his birthday.

Linda Brown said: “My favourite Wimpy was in Victoria Circus in Southend. Me and other half went there a couple of years ago. I was very surprised it was still there. My other half mentioned how 40 years before, we used to meet there. It’s still run by the same family!

Cheryl Kemp used to go every Friday after work. “We used to have one then wanted a second one but didn’t have the cash so used to pay by cheque it was the same every week.”

Stephen Hofmann went to ones in Benfleet, Raleigh and Southend at various times.

Kevin Livermore had his first knickerbocker glory at the branch in Rayleigh High Street and said the place “felt like America”.


The prices will raise an eyebrow too!


A special mixed grill was only 42p; a cheeseburger 21p; and Shanty the golden fish portion was just 12½p (remember half pennies?!) A soft ice cream was 9p and a plain old coffee was 8p. People remember the coffee being served in a glass cup.

Kash and Navjot Bhangal ran the shop on Billericay High Street since 1991 and retired after 30 years this year.


Wimpy was an international chain which began in the US in the 1930s and arrived in the UK in 1954. There are still branches in the UK. There are Wimpy restaurants in Basildon, Benfleet, two in Grays, Leigh, Rayleigh, two in Southend and Westcliff.


Last year Wimp teamed up with Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEats to offer the delivery service so fans of the chain can enjoy the food at home - although the plate is not included.Echo: I remember when a burger was 21p - old menu listI remember when a burger was 21p - old menu list