CLIMATE protestors who have repeatedly brought the M25 to a halt have been labelled “fanatics” by a councillor.

Insulate Britain have targeted junctions near Thurrock Lakeside Shopping Centre in recent weeks causing massive delays along the busy motorway.

Conservative Basildon councillor Andrew Schrader took to Twitter to vent his frustration at the group after a video emerged of a driver, who was trying to take his ill mother to hospital, pleading for protestors to let him pass a blockade by the Blackwell Tunnel.

“How can they be so selfish?”, Cllr Schrader said. “Because they're fanatics; and a fanatic, once they've convinced themselves that they are entirely righteous, can justify pretty much any action, as the end will always justify the means.”

Multiple court injunction have been taken out to prevent blockades, but demonstrations have continued on major roads across the country.

In light of recent protests, Southend Labour councillor Matt Dent questioned whether Insulate Britain cared more about appearing in the news than combatting climate change.

Do Insulate Britain actually care about climate change,” he Tweeted. “Far better than hollow performative ‘activism’ and turn people away from the cause would be to support something like the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, which can make a real difference.

He added: “This is something you can lobby your MP for and if it gets passed, could make a concrete difference to fighting climate change. That’s not going to get anyone in the newspaper but should that really be the aim? Or should we stop climate change?"