A MOTHER is struggling with her school runs after her youngest daughter was denied a school place with her sister – despite attending nursery there.

Krystie Lynch’s daughters Francesca, 4, and Mia, 6, were both attending Barons Court Primary School in Westcliff last school year.

As Mia moved into Year 2, Krystie, who also has a third daughter Gabriella, 13, had to reapply for Francesca’s place at the school as she moved from nursery to reception.

However, Krystie, 32, had moved from St Helens Road to Westcliff Park Drive in December of last year, and was no longer in the school’s catchment area.

“Barons was my number one priority for Francesca because Mia is in the school,” explained Krystie. “We didn’t get a place and I even appealed but we lost that too.”

Francesca ended up attending The Westborough School, almost a mile away from Barons Court.

The mother-of-three, who works part-time and doesn’t drive, says she is struggling to cope with having to get between two different schools.

“It has been really stressful. Francesca is only four so trying to get her to walk up the road in a rush is hard and then obviously Mia has to wait behind five or ten minutes after school as well. I’m struggling, because I work part-time and I’m on my own with three kids.”

Mia has also been offered a spot at The Westborough school, but Krystie is hesitant to disrupt her continuity of learning and friendships.

“I don’t see why I should have to unsettle my six-year-old when she has been at Barons for three years,” she said. “Mia at her age is settled. I don’t see how it’s right to disrupt that.”

“Dropping them off isn’t that bad, because Francesca goes in at 8.25am and Mia goes in at 8.40am, it’s after school that I’m having problems with.

“They finish five minutes apart and it takes me at least 25 minutes to get up the road with Francesca because she is only little.”