Here is a selection of animals from the RSPCA branches and the affiliated Danaher Animal House who are looking for a forever home.

There are some animals from the Essex South Southend & District branch and the Danaher Animal House.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them go to either the Essex South Southend & District website or the Danaher Animal House website for details.

You can also donate to the charities to help it carry on its rescue work at the same websites.


Echo: Lacey (RSPCA)Lacey (RSPCA)

Gender – Female

Age – Five years old (approx.)

Breed – Dachshund

Colour – White and tan

Lacey has not lived in a proper home before, so will need to go back to basics with a reward-based training method, learning simple things such as walking on a lead and how to be toilet trained.

She is looking for a home where her adopters are around most of the time to help her settle in, there is direct access to a private garden, and that any children in the home are of secondary school age.

It would also be helpful to be familiar with the Dachshund breed, as 25 per cent of them develop Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).

If you want to adopt Lacey you can view her full profile here.


Echo: Lenny (RSPCA)Lenny (RSPCA)

Gender - Male

Age – 12 years old (approximately)

Breed – Domestic shorthair crossbreed

Colour – Black

Lenny had been living as a stray in someone’s garden for several years before coming into the care of the RSPCA.

He has grown to love fuss and attention at his foster home, and takes his daily medication without issue

He can live with children of secondary school age, but he’ll need to be the only pet in the house.

Additionally, he will keep indoors and has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV positive).

If you want to adopt Lenny you can view his full profile here.


Echo: Magnus (Danaher Animal Home)Magnus (Danaher Animal Home)

Gender – Male

Age – Six months old

Breed – French Bulldog

Colour – Black and tan

Magnus is happy little dog who is looking for a home to continue his training as he moves into adulthood.

He is a playful animal so plenty of attention will suit him well.

He could live with a calm, older dog that could help show him the ropes around his new home.

If you want to adopt Magnus you can view his full profile here.


Echo: Liquorice (Danaher Animal Home)Liquorice (Danaher Animal Home)

Gender – Female

Age – 14 years old

Breed – Domestic Shorthair

Colour – Black

Liquorice had been found as a stray with her coat in a really poor condition which was caused by an allergic reaction to fleas, but it is now growing back.

She is a relaxed cat who loves lots of cuddles and is dreaming of a home where an owner could provide that.

If you want to adopt Liquorice you can view her full profile here.


Echo: Robin (Danaher Animal Home)Robin (Danaher Animal Home)

Gender – Male

Age – Three years old

Breed – Gerbil

Colour – White

Robin will need to be rehomed as a single gerbil after he had to be separated from his brother due to fighting.

He will need regular handling to get him used to being handled but he is very confident so this shouldn't take too long.

If you want to adopt Robin you can view his full profile here.