ARMED thugs held a knife to a teenager’s neck and demanded his wallet and money during a “shocking” robbery in Basildon.

The 19-year-old was approached as he was leaving Unit 7 during the early hours of Saturday morning, having visited the club Friday night, when he was set on by a gang of men.

Much to his mother’s horror, the youngster returned home to reveal he had been threatened with a knife, with his wallet and bank card then stolen by the thugs.

It follows two major incidents at Festival Leisure at the beginning of October, which included both a stabbing and a car being driven at a crowd of people.

Extending Basildon’s park wardens to the venue, or installing anti-terrorism bollards, have both been touted as possible security measures.

The victim’s mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “My son came home on Saturday morning after having a night out with a friend at Unit 7 in Basildon.

“On leaving they were surrounded by a gang of men and robbed at knife point. My son had a knife to his neck.

“All this and no one saw anything.

“It’s such a sad state of affairs. In the wallet was his ID along with other vital things he needs.

“The police are aware and will be taking things further.”

Basildon Councillor Kevin Blake, who is on the enforcement and public order committee, was not surprised to hear of the trouble which had unfolded and has called for tougher punishment.

He said: “The Government need to pull their finger out and make it law that offenders face five years’ imprisonment for carrying a knife.

“It would make people think twice about carrying them or any deadly weapon for that matter, I feel really strongly about it.

“I’d of course like to pass my well wishes onto the victim involved, it really is shocking anything like this is happening.”

A spokesman for Unit 7, said: “The safety and enjoyment of our customers is always our main priority and we are cooperating fully with the police investigation.”

Call police on 101 and quote 42/224036/21.