A TEENAGER was seen threatening people with a metal pole as a huge brawl broke out in the street, just metres from nearby homes.

Roughly eight yobs, all believed to be teenagers, began fighting, shouting, and screaming, along York Road in Southend on Monday at roughly 6pm, to the shock of homeowners watching on.

One of the teenagers was seen waving and pointing a metal pole at several members of the group.

Footage, which the Echo has seen, shows the armed teenager circling a parked car in an attempt to reach the other teenagers.


Witnesses revealed the armed teenager was shouting at another member of the group to “hold” a boy they were fighting with.

A resident of York Road, 73, said: “You don’t expect something like this to happen so close to home.

“It was just outside my house.

“I was talking to my neighbours outside my front door, who have just moved in, when it all started.

“They just came running along the road.

“I thought it was a metal pole, but my neighbour thinks it could have been a knife. But we’re not too sure.

“There was a lot of noise.

“There must have been seven or eight of them, and they were at it for about ten minutes.”

The footage, which shows six boys and two girls involved, ends as the group disbands and flees the scene.

It is not believed anyone was injured during the incident.

A car, believed to be a blue Peugeot, was damaged during the fight.

It’s reported the armed teenager “swung” for another yob, before missing and hitting the car.

It’s understood one of the yobs has paid a resident to have the car fixed.

A fundraising page had been launched to help cover the costs for the damage, before the teenager came forward to pay for repairs.

Martin Terry, councillor in charge of community safety, said: “It’s hugely disappointing to see this happening.

“The area in and around York Road is a challenging part of the town.

“Extra CCTV has been requested along there which we’re looking at.

“The community safety team is constantly engaging with people down there.

“A lot of the issues are down to alcohol abuse around there.”

Call 101 with information.