Dozens of drivers were caught breaking the law during a police operation in Southend yesterday.

The Essex Roads Policing team has revealed 41 motorists were reported for offences during patrols.

The offences ranged from no insurance, driving without a licence, using mobile phones, not wearing belts and broken windscreens. Officers also seized two private e-scooters which are not allowed in public areas.

Two other vehicles were also seized.

Officers had been working with the Safer Roads Southend partnership yesterday in a bid to crackdown on bad driving.

Among those stopped by the teams was a delivery driver in Westcliff who had ‘stuffed his car to the brim’ with parcels.

Police said he was unable to see out of the passenger side window.

He was reported for a driving offence and ordered to leave some of the packages behind before being allowed to go on with this journey.