Halloween is just a round the corner and that means those classic ghost stories will be retold once again.

Everyone has their own theories and tales to tell, and thankfully Paul Lee has put together an interactive website which outlines some of the buildings in Southend which may be haunted.

So here are those buildings pinned on the map, and what ghostly goings-on have occurred there.

The Kursaal

One of the town’s most iconic buildings, The Kursaal is a grade-II listed building which dates back to the early 1900s.

With an abundance of history behind it, is it any surprise there have been tales of ghosts there?

Among them is a a phantom female cleaner in a green coat who has been seen walking around.


Footsteps have also been heard and the sound system in the bowling alley also started up once by itself.

A spooky voice yelling "Leave me alone!" was also reported in the foyer too.

The Palace Theatre

Another building that is more than 100-years-old, the Palace Theatre has hosted many a good show in the past century.

But when the lights are out and the crowds have gone home, it can still be a bit lively.

Footsteps, a mysterious smell of cigarettes, garlic and talcum powder, a piano being played, lighting phenomena and seats being occupied have all been reported to Mr Lee.

A phantom has also allegedly been spotted in the theatre, with some suggesting it is a former manager who took his own life.


Queensway Subway Junction

Subways can always be creepy places, and though it isn’t a building, it is still reportedly home to a ghost.

Legend has it a homeless man who was killed by bullies in the subway can be still heard screaming, along with the scratching of nails on the floor.

The grisly tale is made all the worse by reports the man was eaten by rats following his death.

Prittlewell Priory

The priory dates back to the 12th century and was once home to around 18 monks.

A lot has changed at the priory since its early days, but legend has it some of the monks are still around to this day in the park itself – albeit in ghost form.

A researcher is also said to have seen a fully functioning wall at the priory be reduced to rubble when he had turned away.


In the minstrel's gallery, a monk has allegedly been seen and the sound of children playing have been heard.

A white-shirted man has also been reported walking towards the front door and before vanishing.

Kent Elms Corner

Busy by day, but at night, the area can be a bit spooky.

Some people have reported seeing a young girl in muddy clothes and bearfoot hitching a lift from this junction.

She is said to jump on a motorbike heading to Victoria Circus but when the bike reaches the destination, she has vanished.

Word has it, the girl died in a car accident in the area.