A FURIOUS dad was forced to rush his poorly six-month-old son into hospital after he consumed out of date baby milk - which the family had unknowingly bought from Sainsbury's.

Barry Norrington, from Benfleet, had purchased three boxes of the SMA ready-made baby milk from the store on London Road, Southend.

But after drinking four bottles of the milk, which unbeknown to Barry was two months out of date, his youngster Lennon became violently ill and was taken to Southend Hospital.

It was here that experts explained how Lennon - who has a hole in his heart - was suffering with gastroenteritis, a tummy bug that causes diarrhoea and vomiting.

Outraged, Barry, 49, said: "I'd bought the last three bottles that where there to stock up, just getting them in for the weekend so we could relax a bit.

"We didn't use them until the following night, which was a Saturday. It was four bottles he'd got through by the time we realised something was seriously wrong.

"On the Sunday lunchtime I poured some out for him, but he just kept being sick which is obviously really strange for him.

"I poured some in my tea and it curdled like cheese, so I looked at the box and it was two months out of date.

"I'm sure you can appreciate busy parents don't always have the time to check things that should already be checked by the company that sold them to us. You should be able to go in and buy it knowing its safe - especially for babies.

"Me and my daughter Leah are now also ill too where gastroenteritis is contagious.What it's done to us as a family is horrendous."

Contacting Sainsbury's to complain, Barry claims he was simply offered a £150 in store voucher as a will of good gesture.

After refusing the offer, the family claim they were instead offered £200 which they again turned down.

Barry continued: "It's really not about the money, it's about our son.

"I have personally shopped with Sainsbury's for over 25 years, I'm utterly shocked and horrified that he was in hospital and is still very unwell.

"To watch my boy go through what he has is awful."

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson, said: “Cases like this are extremely rare because all our stores check stock regularly to make sure the items on shelf are in date.

"We have apologised to Barry and are in touch with him to investigate this experience.”