MPs and community members and leaders are calling for Southend to be granted a city status in memory of Sir David Amess MP.

The 69-year-old saw it as one of his goals in politics and lobbied for 21 years to make it a reality.

There is support from various parties, residents and other community members for the top seaside resort being re-designated a city when winning entries are picked as part of the Queen’s platinum jubilee next year.

Sir David was killed in a fatal stabbing, now being investigated as a suspected terror attack, on Friday in Leigh.

Speaking about the city status Chris Skidmore, Conservative MP for Kingswood, tweeted in support.

He said: "I best remember David personally for his constant campaigning to make Southend a city. So with the jubilee next year, let’s give Southend city status and see Sir David’s final ambition realised.

"Tragically he will never see that moment happen, but it would be a fitting memorial to a man who dedicated his life, and ultimately laid it down for his community."