The Green Party confirmed it would not stand in the by-election in which will be triggered following the killing of Sir David Amess.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have already indicated they will stand aside in the contest out of respect for the Conservative MP.

The confirmation comes after the South East Essex branch of the Green Party said it would not be putting forward a candidate for the Southend West seat.

A spokesman said: "Local Green Party members feel that we should honour the precedent established following the death of Jo Cox MP in 2016, and out of respect not stand.

"This decision has been supported by the national Green Party.

"It is also understood that other political parties will not be contesting the seat either."

James Vessey-Miller, coordinator of the South East Essex Party said: “It’s taken me a while to process this news, but it is shocking to hear that one of our local MPs, Sir David Amess has been killed whilst at a community surgery within his constituency this morning.

"The circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear, and it would be inappropriate to comment until details are confirmed by police. This is undoubtedly a horrendous attack on our democracy.

“Most of my many interactions with David over the years were surrounding finding common ground on issues that he and I felt passionately about in bettering our communities.

"Regardless of politics, David was a dedicated public servant, a diligent MP, and a much-respected figure in our community. His loss is heartbreaking for many people in our town.

“David went to work this morning and was killed doing his job; a job he dedicated his life to; A job he loved. My thoughts are with Julia his wife, his family and children, and the many others who knew him well. My sincerest condolences.”

The Green Party says it will be suspending all campaigning in Southend for two weeks out of respect.