A FURIOUS mother who shunted Insulate Britain protesters who were blocking her as she tried to get her kid to school has hit out at the climate group.

Sherrilyn Speid, from Purfleet, was filmed using her four-by-four vehicle to nudge activists as they blocked traffic lights at Junction 31 of the M25 near Thurrock on October 13.

The 34-year-old business owner and mother-of-one was driving her 11-year-old son to school when she came across the protesters.

Insulate Britain activists have often targeted roads on the M25 near Lakeside as the group push for the Government to pledge to insulate all homes in Britain.

“I was absolutely fuming that they was [sic] in the road blocking me from taking my son to school and going to work,” Sherrilyn said, speaking on GB News. “How dare they have the audacity to think that is acceptable to do something like that.”

“I work for myself, I’ve got my own business, if I don’t go to work, I don’t get paid. My son deserves an education and I think its completely wrong what they are doing, they are going about it all the wrong way.”

Footage showed Ms Speid disembark from her vehicle and demand the protestors get out of her way. One said ‘they understood’ her concerns but would not be moving.

She returned to her vehicle and shunted protestors as they sat on the floor.

Ms Speid added: “I got out nicely and said ‘can you please move I’ve got to get my son to school’, I explained my situation. They were actually rude, to be honest, and they laughed at me and said ‘yeah, everyone needs to get their son to school don’t they’. They laughed and just couldn’t believe it.

“There must be better way that they can protest. I’m all up for change, I embrace change, I don’t mid protest, but the way that they’re doing it is wrong.”

Ms Speid is an entrepreneur who started a food business during lockdown, providing Caribbean food across Essex under the name Shelz Soul Food.

In a short time she has expanded to cater events, parties and functions across east London as well as Essex.

She has also set up a business mentoring service, called Invest In Yourself and hopes to encourage more woman to enter the realm of business.