A survey carried out by YouGov has said that one in five people in England would welcome the return of full lockdown restrictions, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

Over three quarters of those living in England are supportive of compulsory mask wearing on public transport (81 percent) and in shops (76 percent).

The survey also reports that there is support for re-introducing social distancing rules with 67 percent thinking that this should be implemented at hospitality venues and 59 percent supporting a return of the general 2-metre rule for those in other households.

“It is worth noting that, despite substantially higher COVID cases, these figures are all almost identical to when we asked in early August,” YouGov said on Twitter.

There is increasing pressure to bring in ‘Plan B’ measures to combat the spread of Covid and the increasing death rates.

Boris Johnson outlined a Covid Plan B last month, detailing new measures that may come in over the autumn and winter.

The return of wearing face masks and working from home would be reintroduced and the possibility of vaccine passports are on the cards.

Similar to measures in Scotland and Wales, events in nightclubs and other venues open after 1 am could require those aged 18 and over to be fully vaccinated and be able to show proof of vaccination.

Large sporting and music events could also require a passport.

Despite growing infection and death rates, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the data did not currently suggest "immediately moving to Plan B".

He also refused to commit to wearing a mask in the House of Commons after MPs came under fire for not wearing them. 

Labour has called for the government to enforce Plan B with shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves telling Andrew Marr on Sunday: "I think the first thing is the government have got to do more to make Plan A work.

"If the scientists are saying work from home and masks, we should do that. So get A working better because the vaccination programme has been stalling, and introduce those parts of Plan B.”

Echo: Rachel Reeves on Andrew Marr (PA)Rachel Reeves on Andrew Marr (PA)

Britain reported 223 new deaths from COVID-19 on Tuesday, the highest daily figure since March, and cases are the highest in Europe.

According to the ONS, in England, the percentage of people testing positive for Coronavirus continued to rise and it was estimated that 977,900 people in England were infected in the week up to October 16.