A PENSIONER has been left bemused after 26 cars blocked his driveway within a week... and a council wants him to pay £120 to resolve it.

Gordon Rogers’ driveway, in The Avenue, Wivenhoe, has been continuously blocked by motorists since Essex County Council removed road markings outside his property.

It has meant while the 82-year-old wants to drive, he is left having to wait for parked cars, or vehicles giving way behind other parked motors, to shift.

The former electric mechanic, who has lived on the road for more than 50 years, said the situation had got so ridiculous “you have to see it to believe it”.


“Within a week, my wife and I have counted 26 cars parked either in front of or halfway across our driveway,” said Mr Rogers.

“It’s not just a parking issue though, cars come down the road and they pull in to give way to cars coming the other way, again blocking me in.

“I’ve had it where I’m driving and I can’t get into my garage because someone is in the way, meaning I’m then holding people up behind me as I wait.

“People park there when they’re going to the Co-op down the road because they are too lazy to walk around.

“It’s dangerous, I’ve got a six-feet wall on one side and parked cars blocking me on the other; I can’t see what’s coming down the road when I pull out.


“What’s worse is I went to bed, they did the marking and when I woke up it was gone and the council wants £120 for it to be reinstated - it’s ridiculous.”

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “Entrance protection markings, or H-Bars, are a specific type of advisory white lining to highlight to drivers to keep driveways clear.

“Unfortunately, Essex County Council no longer accepts requests for new H-Bars, or requests to repaint existing ones.

“If a road has been resurfaced and an occupier would like them reinstated, they would need to apply for them to be replaced for a fee.

“Where cases of obstruction occur, this would be a matter for Essex Police to resolve.”